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Campaign Event! May 19-20th 2007

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The following posting has been up since November 29th 506


A Wealthy Noble is
Seeking to hire a team
of brave and strong souls
for a dangerous task.

Wish to employ
Adventurers of Unique Talents

Will accept applicants
through the 15th of March, 507.

If interested, make inquiries
through the Hall of Travelers Guild.

Applicants will be reviewed in person,
as they will be required to demonstrate
skills and aptitudes,
as relating to the quest.

The details of the quest will be given
only to those accepted to the Quest.

Those not selected will be compensated for their troubles.

* * * * * * * * *

Game Date: May 19-20, 2007
In-Game Location: Somewhere in the world of Xaria
OOG Location: Chula Vista Campground & McGill Campground, Frazier Park CA

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Greetings and well met fellow Campaigners!

Years have passed since you last heard from us as Game Masters. The time has come once again for us to pick up the scroll, the monster mask and the baffee sword!

Our game will be a bit unorthodox in the traditional Campaign sense. This will be a basic overnight game, however we are trying to put together two separate classic D&D style adventure groups. Each group will be playing their own individual and separate plots. Yes, we will be running two concurrent yet separate games on the same mountain. At some point in the weekend, the plotlines are likely to become entwined and the story will proceed from there.

We are looking for skilled though not necessarily higher experience characters. We will be selecting characters for the quest based on their submitted character sheets/histories. Unfortunately, based on the nature of the game we are trying to run, there is a limited amount of space and not everyone will get to be a player this time around.

Please submit your characters by February 28th, 2007. We are also looking for dedicated and motivated NPCs for some challenging roles.

We are striving to give all PCs and NPCs a fun enjoyable time role-playing and fighting. Please let us know in advance if you cannot attend both days. We prefer that Player Characters can attend both days of the event. If you cannot, we would greatly appreciate your help as an NPC for a single day.

Also, as a reminder, the possibility of Character death is very real in this game. If you have a character you are not willing to loose, do not bring that character.

One last thing; this game is a bit out of the ordinary for us, somewhat of an experiment at the front end of the process as well as "on the mountain." Our game is plotted around being able to put together a team of adventurers with certain character types that we are looking for, similar to the manner in which the Wealthy Noble is assembling the adventurers. If we do not get enough response or do not receive characters to fill our team, we may have to postpone the game and reschedule it for another date.

Please send your info to:

Andrew G: mistahsilvah(AT)yahoo.com (Email tweaked to avoid auto-spam grabbers)
Dave M: dave-miner(AT)sbcglobal.net (Email tweaked to avoid auto-spam grabbers)

Vivat Campaign!
A G/M Production
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