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A C4 production:

With Lindora having been pushed south out of their own lands to the Halgudarian border, and Halgudar having trouble on the eastern front-- soldiers, refugees, and adventurers alike have converged on one of the last bastions of safety: The Inn of the Two Blades.

A noblewoman of Quivera (said to be in exile) uses this inn as a base of hit and run operations in Lindora. It's rumored she's paying good solid Quiveran gold for any who come and lend their help.

Of course, any seeking refuge, adventure, or just a good meal are welcome to join...

Date: Saturday November 29th 2008, Morning til Midnight
Location: IC: Inn of the Two Blades, Lindora/Halgudar
OOC: Mnt Pinos Campground/Cassidy Cording's House

This is a unique event!

Saturday morning and afternoon, til about sunset -- On the Mountain gaming. Fighting the various forces on the prowl in Lindora. Come and get your combat action on helping the Lady Orchester, the Yellow Rose of Quivera. Combat and action types welcome! When the sun starts to set, the adventurers will retire to the Inn for some much needed rest.

Saturday Afternoon and evening, til we all pass out -- At the Inn. Dinner, a hot shower, and a warm place to sleep are yours. While the adventurers go out and play on the mountain, any looking to just relax, RP, and have some fun are welcome to converge on the Inn. Be prepared though; Lindora's no longer a safe haven...

Saturday Night -- Once the adventurers return from their mountain activities, there's sure to be a good hot meal, possibly some musical entertainment, and who knows what might decide to seek refuge... or refugees.

Sunday Morning - Who knows.

NPCs wanted as always. Player sheets in advance wanted, as always.
Contact Constance @ youkilledthedog@gmail.com for more info or for PC information.
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