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July 2007 - Between Heaven and Hell Lies Urth

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"Between Heaven and Hell lies Urth"
When: July 7-8
In-game Where: Eastern border of Lindora
OOG Where: TBA (no mundies this time)

GMs: Robin Chamberlain and Andrew Elkins


Sometimes you see it coming, sometimes it surprises you in the night. The Regents of Lindora saw what could happen. With their neighbors taking jabs at each other, with borders shifting almost with the wind, the Regents recognized the danger and allied with Halgudar in April of 506. From that moment forward the country prepared for battle. The combined might of Halgudar and Lindora would show the Wolf once and for all time that they would not be pushed around. But the immediate threat went unseen.

Dakkor, struggling with its' neighbors, struggling with itself, has unleashed the beast that Lindora has feared for so long. With the main contingent of their forces in Halgudar for an advance that will no longer happen, Lindora struggles to get their troops where they will prevent the most damage.

Orders and warrants issued from the Lindoran High Command have recalled all troops to Fort Acamar on the western border, but the Regents know they will be too late. A desperate plea for assistance has gone out to the public. Racing eastward ahead of the attack, a lone squad of Lindorans fights to put a stop to the invasion before it becomes too late. With guidance provided by the Knights of Veldron this handful of Witchmeullers seeks to prevent with magik that which force-of-arms can only delay. All who wish to serve Lindora by helping to stop this incursion are asked - nae, pleaded with - to join this force and end this conflict quickly before the civilian casualties become too great. A map with a rendezvous point and date accompany the plea at all Hall of Traveler boards, Inns, and town squares.

With the invaders pouring in from the west, the only salvation may lie to the east...at the edge of the Badlands.

Please submit all characters to David (Robin) Chamberlain and Andrew Elkins. The earlier the better!
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