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Game: Now with Location.

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Forgotten Doorways...
Forgotten Paths...
Forgotten Quests...

Some riddles wait a long time to be answered. Will you be the one to solve it?

The magikal woods of Palrim constantly confuse the Rangers tasked to guard them. Pathways shift and known routes alter in the enchanted forest on a regular basis; lately, though-- things have been odder than usual. Travellers on the roads skirting the forest have gone missing and old trails have been rediscovered after half a century...

Detherwyn's Door
IC Location: The Palrim Forest
OOC Location: Reyes Creek- http://www.xaria.org/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=76
Date: March 3rd - 4th, 2007
Time: 3:30PM - This will be a night/morning game, please dress/bring fire-less lanterns accordingly. Light Sources WILL be useful. Please arrive before hand to set up.

Notes: This game will take place on a creek so bring extra shoes and socks in the event you get wet. You will get muddy shoes at the least. It will be cold so dress accordingly and bring warm clothes/sleeping gear. There is NO snow but there is some frost. The midday weather was quite pleasant in February but one can never tell how it is in the evening.

For those of us who've played here in the past: Good News! No bugs this time around like when the world ended...
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